Love-in-the-mistAnother dang leafI love graffitiOff market streetFrog immigrating to America, circa 1950.Squirrels!Oil protestCivic unrestPataudThe grass is always greenerPeepshowBoston street bathingIron city growthHe shot up like a bean poleSTRANDYumLittle peopleBastilleThe blobrustWashington ManICE MACHINELas Vegas wasn't that prettyFlight statusSeen Today in Palo AltoMother alert!My mother taught me to hoverI love you, Mom!Happy Mother's Day!Street shotLeafcutterprivate bathroom... with hot showers!El señor es mi fortalezaJonathan climbs a palm treeGiant stepsFor Ninapigeons in the parkThe MatrixJonathan gets the cameraShrunken HeadsView from Cerro ChatoThat's a real animalStrawberry poison dart frogChocolateCan you find the trail?Bug stuffroad not taken...Are you f#$ing kidding me?!Triumph over self-imposed adversitythat's what a glacier looks like when you paint it purpleAnts on a glacierChamps de glace ColumbiaJonathan againWhat does that sign say?Sunwapta pass: the viewSunwapta passGoats and GlaciersHurry up and take the picture before the earth falls over!A favourite campgroundHeading out of KamloopsplinkSeton Lake outside LillooetCayoosh PassRainforestsrusted is beautifulrest stop on the way to SquamishYeah, that's really what it looks likeGone Biking.JonathanCrossing the Swinomish ChannelmunchkinDeceptionDeception Pass CampgroundThank goodness it isn't MOTHER'S DAY!Sunset at Deception PassDeception Pass CampgroundJonathanBicycle RaceDawn on Day Threewe made the ferry!Hmmmmm, where's the door?Experience Music ProjectFor my parentsLochside Regional TrailBike Trip Day 1Chuckanut Drivestill life in Tibetrotten eggleafiness49th Street LionThe neighbourhood bearBike KitchenTibetIt's official:  I'm keeping the cameraLow Level, I'm trapped in a towel rod!the shaving was pretty complexConchYACyou've seen thatAnita's accidental garden810LionelSnanglespiral spiral spiral mixing church candlesMargarineflyNo dogs were harmed in the making of this photographSeattle ElephantEnough with the damn birdsMore birdOn the theme of birdsToucanI like that my hands begin to look like my mother'sCN tower stairwell artBostonescalatetrain tracks from union stationtorontoPortrait of my friend Michaelhens and nuns or something like thatfish againwe are here to go.  into space.I don't want a pickle, I just wanna ride my motorsickle.tunnelingshe's looking at bacon, in case you're curiousBay Streetreach upprofilepotteringcyclestovesun and rainFish heads, fish heads, rolly polly fish heads!A good friendall that bug stuffshallow depth of fieldit's fall hereInfinite Babyonce was neonVancouverIs this art deco?UBC Anthropology Museumdanger: spraypainti had to buy an umbrellabugthe walls talk too muchsometimes I hear boatszoomthe birds still fly awaybirdlight a pipeall upon a saturday nightthis was not the teacher's intentionthis is what we do in photography classthis is vancouveron the theme of microscopesthe reason I have a photoblog is so I don't have to write thingsbeach muckthe long wet commutewet stuffthrough a water darklymy boyfriend in his boxlibrarySeeing doublemore of those buildingstrees was the assignment we didn't haveA photo for my dadDowntown VancouverCoffee shopUBCpictures of architecturepictures of architecturerustthings people saidMy legs hurtUnnecessary MountainTake one down, and pass it around...exploratoriumMongolian rest stopgeranother Mongolian landscapeJonathansDragonfliesSunset BeachSackvillepickupchaincliff walkwho knows?An AssortmentMain Street Headsjumpingfigpipebeachblack & white flowerglugWhite lakebicycleAndrea dancingSkytrainJLisa and CarlFishMexicoDodecahedronMongolian SheepconcertTrans-siberianleafdollleaf edgebaby robingirlFlashgrocerysand mandalaHong Kong alleyGraveyardsilk embroidered butterfliesSpringflowerbirdex-birdat the conservatory50s LeahGhost in the machineCangbleJonathanSlicemoth on suedeTriffidsSFUhennaI doff my hat to youwake on landbangra for white folkBalance21meg and rupinder